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"After 25 years of jet setting life between the East and the West, I developed a strange habit in eating. I kept blaming constant jetlag, but, it was not funny for me. When I got to Javier, I was expecting only a slight result. To my own surprise, after a mere 3 sessions, it became totally natural for me to eat properly and healthily. The change is so massive that no words can express my joy enough.
I don't really know what happened during the sessions. All I had was a great fun of active conversation and relaxing hypnotherapy.
Javier must have somehow reached the bottom of my mind and carefully put it on the right track
Now, not only I enjoy food more, but I also cope with constant jetlag much better than before.
N Ogawa"



TRANSCRIPT: "I went to Javier with problems of depression and stress. These symptoms were so severe that i was unable to socialize, had low confidence and self-esteem. All I wanted was to be confident and happy. After my first Hypnpotherapy session with Javier I knew that he can turn things 'round me. I had 6 sessions and they were wonderful and worth every penny. I am now a different person enjoying my life with friends and family. If you are reading these reviews and still feel unsure as wether Hypnotherapy is for you please just go and meet Javier and he will help you to overcome your problems. Thanks so much Javier" 


"Dr Marti has had a brilliant effect on me with his therapy. I am more positive about the future. My whole outlook on the future is much more positive. I feel a lot more relaxed in myself. My family I am much clamer, no stress anymore. I find myself taking more interest in my family, my home. All of these improvements have been made possible by the positive thoughts that Dr Mart has instilled into me and what my future could be like if I give up my obsession with gambling. About how much more I can achieve out of my life and all the hard work I do not to go and give up my hard-earned money...to look after my family and make them proud of me. John H"


"I came to Javier in February 2011 in order to lose weight. I was initially skeptical of Hypnotherapy as a therapeutic solution, but Javier immediately put my mind at rest and I found his approach isntantly appealing. 10 weeks later and I have lost well over a stone in weight, but more importantly I feel GREAT! My self-esteem and self-confidence has elevated significantly and I put this entirely down to Javier's fantastic work. He really is fantastic and I would highly recommend him to anyone! Keep it up! Aaron." 


"Before starting Hypnotherapy I felt nervous about speaking publicly and in interview situations. I now feel far more relaxed and at ease with these situations. I've learnt not to worry about making mistakes and just to enjoy myself"


"I have used Hypnotherapy to control my eating habits. Thus far I feel far more in control of what and how I eat. I no longer have feelings of resentment when I don't allow myself to eat something unhealthy. I am hoping to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight and am confident that I will achieve this in a realistic and healthy timeframe without feeling like I am missing out! Kerry Jenkins"


"I came to Sunshine Hypnosis with a slightly skeptical yet hopeful outlook on some anxiety issues I have. They are probably not really obvious to others but I knew they were there and holding me back somewhat in work, life, etc. There is no miracle cure but I honestly believe it has been very beneficial in shifting a few issues from the past that I were not so obvious. I now look forward tot he future with a new-found confidence and think/hope this can only build in years to come. Satisfied Customer.
-My hypnotist was Paul and did a very good job in gaining trust and making me feel comfortable"


"I am stunned at the difference 3 sessions have made to my life. My eating patterns changed dramatically after the second session. Bad food repulsed me and healthy food made me feel alive with a feeling of wellbeing. I am hoping this "feel-good" factor will last and I am hoping to continue with the sessions even though I feel that this is now "me". All I can say is thank you. A. Nicholls"


"I would like to recommend Hypnotherapy to everyone who needs help to overcome a situation or just to connect again with yourself. I never believed that it could work but I was curious to try it, now I am happy to day I was wrong and that Hypnotherapy helped me a lot. Thank you Javier for all your tips and advice. KG"



"Hypnotherapy. They say it is all in the mind, well, yes, it is. I never knew what to expect but after a few sessions the feeling when you achieve something after it happens, is a wonderful feeling of achievement, that is deep-rooted in your mind. I left with a great sense of achievement and fullfilment. I wish I had done it years ago. Andy C"


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"This treatment helped me to become more motivated to get fit and healthy and gave me tips and ideas on ways to do so"

"I feel that Hypnotherapy helped me from the very first session. I felt better in myself for not eating the wrong foods and also this gave me much more energy. I highly recommend this treatment for weight loss"  



"I decided to try the weight-loss hypnosis believing that this time I am going to (...) it. I only had 3 sessions with Javier, but they were very insightful and opened my eyes in terms of what steps I must take to successfully lose weight. And for that I am extremely grateful. I am already on the way to a healthy, slimmer, new me, not only on the outside, but also on the inside. Thank you! Anna"


"About two months ago I seeked help with Sunshine Hypnosis to help me with weight-loss and weight-management. Little did I know that it would help me so much more. My sessions with Paul Haynes have been fantastic and not only did I notice changes in my eating habits but also the people around me soon noticed how I was losing weight and looking much healthie. I am really grateful for all the support and treatment received from Paul. I have incorporated healthy habits with food and exercise and now I am extremely optimistic towards the future. managing my weight now and losing weight doesn't feel anymore like a daunting task. I am much happier now and my family and friends can see it too. Thank you Paul and Sunshine Hypnosis. I will recommend you to everyone I know. You changed my life for the better. With love and gratefulness, Dagmar Rodriguez"



"This has been a very interesting and helpful experience as I feel I have achieved the control I needed with food + snacks on an every day basis. Many thanks Paul. Lucy"


"After one session my excessive coffee intake was reduced by half on a daily basis. 3 weeks on my habit of eating snacks (...) and drinking wine while watching TV has also become reduced. I've become more aware of my habits and my new inner voice seems to say  "no!". I P Bietzcka. PS With thanks to Paul!"


"I had 6 sessions with Javier for weight-loss hypnotherapy and I found it to be a very useful experience. I learnt things about myself that I didn't realize were (...) in preventing my weight loss. I would recommend this therapy to everyone who wants to stop yo-yo dieting and lose their weight for good!"



"Dear Javier,
I got in touch with you when my hair pulling was out of control. It was from my first contact with you on the phone that I knew you could help me. From the very first session I felt that I was starting an incredibly powerful journey towards being the person I had always hoped to be. The Hypnotherapy has not only stopped me pulling my hair but has enabled me to enjoy life more, accept myself, have more clarity in my thoughts and feel more at peace with myself.
I feel very lucky to have made the step to have Hypnotherapy, it has been a priceless process that has changed my life. All I can say Javier, thank you so, so much. Katie."



"I came to see Javier and in a few short sessions he helped me to feel stronger and more able to cope with the stresses faced daily in my life. The support I received was invaluable and I will continue to practice what he has taught me going forward. I would recommend him to others thinking of having therapy. I would like to thank him for the support I have received. Heater"


"Dear Javier, just a note to say I can't believe that my life has changed so much since I started my course with you. Having experienced nine sessions of Hypnotherapy with you, here I am four weeks after my last session still maintaining the healthy lifestyle you helped me achieve.
I no longer even think about dieting but naturally choose to eat healthier options and find the thought of eating the old, stodgy, sugary foods revolting.
I have gone from a size 16 to a size 12 in just over few months eating more healthy foods, drink water and exercise more with absolutely no effort.
Thanks so much, Avril Cohen"




"When I initially came to see Javier I wanted to lose weight via Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, as my weight blighted me most of my life. In my first appointment he quickly pinpointed that my issues were from an emotional level and that I would need to deal with these tings first. Unfortunately from my second appointment I had a huge crisis in my personal life. My world came crashing down around me. Luckily for me I had Javier to help me through this very tough emotional time. He helped me lessen the trauma every week with his sessions and helped me deal with what would have previously left me an absolute mess. After 9 sessions I now feel that I have the strength and ability to move forward with my life to achieve a happy future.
Thank you so much Javier. I cannot begin to express how much you have changed my life for the better!
Kelly Munce"



"I came to these sessions slightly unsure,but after the first session felt a change and the professionalism was great and the feeling of total hypnosis wonderful.
I feel very confident that my weight problem is not a thing of the past. Angela Windsor"



"I woudl recommend Javier to anybody at all. He has helped me greatly through my problems and I have come at the other end feeling a zillion times better.
It has been a fantastic help! Thanks a lot! Matt"





"I came to see Javier to get to the bottom and deal with my low self-esteem which I felt was holding me back in life. The sessions really helped me explore all aspects of my life and personality. The healing of one-self in particular was very meaningul and powerful for me. My therapy has just ended and I feel very optimistic about my life and far more confident in myself and my abilities.
I would absolutely recommend Javier and hypnosis to anyone who feels a little stuck or just need some help to feel better in themselves!
Thank you Javier and all the best for the future.
T Winks"



"I have had 6 sessions of hypnosis and successfuly lost the urge to binge on chocolate, sweets and ice cream. I have no desire for these or for processed microwared meals. My entire thought-process has changed regarding foods and I have amazed myself losing 6 kgs in weight which feels like I have not gone without the foods I enjoy. It has been a change in which I think about food and has changed my eating habits to a healthy existence."



"Considering Hypnotherapy? I am happy to recommend it, you should be brave and take the plunge.
19 weeks ago I thought I would have a couple of sessions to help kickstart my first-ever diet; 12 sessions later I am 45 lbs lighter. That's a whole luggage allowance in an international flight, which I had been carrying around for the last 8 years! Initially, I thought I was merely greedy, however, some gentle probing from Javier identified a few more significant root causes.
Through the use of a sensitive holistic approach he worked through some deep-seated issues which have helped free me not just from a love of chocolate, cheese and wine, but from some sadness which had been shadowing me for several years.
As an accountant I trust the statistics, evidence and outcomes and I am now happy to report I have the statistics I want and that others want too!!! It has not always been easy and I have had to allow myself to trust, to be vulnerable and to open to following new, different ways of thinking. But it is so worth it.




"I have tried many many different diets without success. I believed I had no willpower and a severe lack of discipline. I was a little skeptical about hypnosis to start but have to say it has worked wonders for me. I was surprised at how enthusiastic I was for my new eating plan. I have lost weight, look and feel better and the best part -I don't feel I have had to work hard at it! I would recommend Hypnosis to anybody wanting to make changes. I believe now I can do anything I put my mind to. Thank you Javier!



"I have had ME/CFS (Chronic Fatique Syndrome) for 15 years that is accompanied by low energy, insomnia and depression. I came across Javier's session by a Groupon offer and thought that it was worth trying as none of other alternative medicines worked. 

Since I have a scientific mind, I was at still half-skeptical at first. I have to see it to believe. However, after a couple of sessions I started to feel healed inside, and also found that Hypnotherapy is used in Western medicines/hospitals. 

During the total of 8 sessions, I ended up crying a lot and experienced a whole lifetime of mental journey. Most importantly I learned how to forgive myself. Now I feel positive, confident and happier, and have much more energy, hence do a lot of sports. 

Admittedly, the sessions are not cheap, but it was one of the best investments I made. I personally think that Hypnotherapy should be given higher credit. 

Thank you very much Javier!




"I came to Sunshine Hypnosis looking for help with my overeating and weight-loss problem. At the beginning I was quite skeptical but decided to try it out as all other weigh-loss methods known to me (including weight-loss diets) have failed me in the past. To be honest I also was a bit curious and wanted to check how the Hypnosis works and what is going to happen afterwards.

Overall I had three sessions with Javier and I would recommend him to anyone. The more sessions you have the better, but even after only 3 sessions I already started to feel the change, especially in the way I was thinking about myself and food in general. I finally started to believe in myself and that I can achieve my goals. Now I feel more confident, positive and motivated. With this new attitude it is much easier to deal with weight-loss and just to be more in control, really. The sessions with Javier were really relaxing. He made me feel safe and comfortable and most importantly I knew I can trust him. He also gave me lots of tips and useful ideas on how to change my bad eating habits. 

So overall it has been a very useful experience and I am very grateful for all the support and advice. 

Thank you very much Javier




"Dear Javier,

I must write to thank you for the amazing Hypnosis treatment I received from you. Even if I had not achieved any goals by attending these sessions, just meeting such an empathetic, sensitive person like you would have brightened my day and cleared my mind!

My experience of Hypnosis was surprising, I really felt conscious during the sessions but amazingly relaxed and the visualisation scenarios you presented to me were so powerful that I can still relive them several weeks later in my daytime state. After each session I felt amazingly calm and cleansed and my tensions were wiped away.

I came to you to motivate myself to lose some of the excess weight I seem to have gathered over the last few years. As you know my motivation level was poor when I arrived, I was not seriously overweight but definitely over my ideal BMI and I wanted to feel better in clothes! Amazingly, because it has been so easy, my attitude to food changed dramatically and I have found that I really don’t want the large meals and sweet snacks that had been my diet over the last few years. Suddenly food tasted different and I realised most of what I had been eating was consumed by habit and not for enjoyment. I have now lost 5 kilos over about 9 weeks and feel so much better! Actually, I can’t really believe how significantly my relationship with food has changed, I don’t stop myself eating foods for which I originally craved but I only need the smallest portion to feel satisfied. It is impossible to explain rationally but our sub-conscious is extraordinarily powerful and your techniques obviously work!

I really want to emphasise that you are such a likeable person that anybody would benefit from even one session with you and I wish you the success you deserve in your planned future projects. It is good to know where to find you if I need a ‘positive recharge’ in the future.

Kind regards,

Jenny W.

I hope that typing this does not invalidate its sincerity!"


Testimonial for Sunshine Hypnosis

Some might say that delving into your past is like opening a can of worms. For me the hypnotherapy I received from Javier at Sunshine Hypnosis was more like opening a can of caterpillars just waiting to be turned into butterflies.

My journey started with a groupon for weight loss sessions and ended in my having a whole new outlook on life.

The first sessions were wonderful and really helped with my body issues. Javier’s approach is a really nice way to tap into your subconscious and access your inner strengths and weaknesses to move you towards your goals. You have to work for it though, so don’t think it’s being done for you!!

After my initial weight loss sessions I felt it would be beneficial to continue “un-layering” the reasons I remained in a cycle of being overweight for so many years. It’s like having tour guide taking you on a journey through your own mind. Like most journeys, there are parts you know will be there and are clearly expected, there are also parts that are surprising but with Javier’s style of hypnotherapy you always feel comfortable, aware and in control throughout.

It was during one of the sessions dealing with forgiveness when I realized that this particular area was going to be a huge part of my processing and gaining control of my life and my goals.

It took me a long time to understand that in my life being abused by my Mother could have such an impact on so many different aspects of my life as a whole. After all it was in the past, maybe not forgotten but certainly not an issue at the forefront, or so I thought.

As it turns out, sometimes what you think you have left in the past ends up being the biggest obstacle of all. I am sure there are many people out there who think and feel the same way I used to about such matters. After all we are told that it’s best to leave things in the past, to move forward. This is truth of course, but only if those things don’t hold us back.

I was a little afraid of remembering such things “the can of worms” so to speak, but honestly hypnotherapy is such a gentle and relaxing way to deal with such issues that I felt guided and supported throughout the whole process.

Now, a year later, I am the girl who is training for the 5K Race for Life, Charity event that I never would have thought possible before. I am stronger and healthier than I ever could have imagined. It’s not only about how many lbs or kilos you lose, it’s about what you have to gain!!!

I would recommend Sunshine Hypnosis to anyone..... go on and dare to turn those little caterpillars into butterflies.....





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