Hypnotherapy for stress, anxiety, panic attacks...

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Hypnosis can get at the root of what is causing the panic attacks that can be so crippling to your social life and well being. A panic attack can feel like a heart attack with numbness in the arm and lips or it can affect your breathing to the point you fear you will suffocate. Some people break out in an uncontrollable sweat and feel that they will literally die. By looking beyond the situation to the real cause of panic attacks, hypnosis frees you from these unexplained and often irrational reactions.



The National Institute of Mental Health defines a panic attack as an unexpected and reoccurring feeling of intense fear. It is extremely frightening to the person going through the attack and is also believed to lead to depression or substance abuse when the person under the attack feels no way out. Hypnosis is the way out and an effective way of helping the sufferer relax.


Cognitive restructuring and relaxation are two of the top recommended treatments for panic attacks. Hypnosis is able to accomplish both simultaneously. The beginning therapy relaxes the body and mind to a state similar to that which happens just before you drift off to sleep. When relaxation is achieved, then the cognitive changes can be implemented. To take that which is irrational and replace it with logical thinking in a panicked situation is the role of hypnosis.

You may be an ideal candidate for hypnosis to treat panic attacks if you have experienced any of the following:

Physical Symptoms:

A racing heart or chest pain

Disorientation or sudden confusion

Unexplained trembling, numbness, or tingling in the lips, fingers or toes

Emotional or Mental Symptoms:

Extreme terror for no apparent reason

A fear of impending doom

A sense of loss of control

A fear that you are dying or going crazy

A strong feeling that you need to escape a place or situation



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