Live video Skype hypnotherapy sessions

Now you can enjoy hypnotherapy from the comfort of your own home. We are proud to be pioneers providing our hypnotherapy services via video chat, live over Skype. Some of the advantages for you over coming to see us in person:

  • You can do it from anywhere in the world.
    When we were only offering personal sessions, your hypnotherapy treatment would be interrupted if you went on holidays or had a family emergency that prevented you from coming to see us. No more! Now you can go on holidays, travel for work or even move to another country and still enjoy the benefits that hypnotherapy will bring into your life. You do not lose touch with your therapist or with the flow of the therapy itself, because you can easily continue with the process, wherever you are.

  • You save time.
    You only connect to us at the time of your schedule appointment, instead of having to dedicate one hour of your time to come to see us and be back to your place. Before Skype sessions our clients would invest three hours of their time to come to see us for one hour. Now you can invest those extra two hours – before and after the session – in yourself!
  • You can fit more easily your hypnotherapy treatment into your schedule
    Daytime or evening appointments are better for you. You want to use your lunch break for your hypnotherapy session or have an urgent issue that you would like to schedule a session to deal with at very short notice? We can probably schedule you in!
  • You can relax more, because you are in a familiar environment.
    If you are new to hypnotherapy and don’t know how wonderfully relaxing it can be, coming to your first hypnotherapy session can make you a bit tense. This kind of tension is not present at all when you enjoy hypnotherapy from the comfort of your own home. Isn’t that great?


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Some frequently asked questions about Skype sessions


What will you need to make it happen?
You will only need a comfortable place (your bed or a comfy sofa is ok), headphones, camera and one hour of uninterrupted quietness to enjoy the very relaxing hypnotic state.

What happens during a Skype session?
Regular Skype sessions are very similar to in-person sessions. You get the same time, attention and quality than you would get if your therapist was sitting right next to you.

A video Skype session is structured like a personal session, being usually composed of two parts:

How often should I have these sessions?
If possible, at the initial stages of treatment we recommend clients to have one-hour session with us each week. For your convenience these sessions are usually scheduled for the same day and time each week, but this may be changed according to your needs, provided you let us know in advance.

What if I cannot afford live personal Skype sessions at this time?
We have created pre-recorded video sessions for some of the most common problems our clients have. You can purchase these at a fraction of the cost of personal Skype sessions!

What is the cost of these personal Skype sessions?
You can find the cost of the sessions on our fees webpage.

What happens after I purchase my Skype session?
We shall contact you to arrange a convenient day/time for you to have your first session.
Then you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your appointment, so you remember to add it to your diary.

What happens if the Skype call goes down?
In the unlikely event that the connection is reset for any reason, we shall try again. If for whatever reason connection is not possible at that time, we shall re-schedule the session for another moment. You will not be charged for a session you have not had. Regarding the hypnotic trance, your subconscious mind is always in charge of keeping you safe, so if the connection goes down, you will naturally and easily emerge from the hypnotic state in a few seconds or a few minutes.

Could I do a session without appearing on camera?
Yes, you can. However, we strongly recommend you to connect video during the session, since your body language and gestures will give your hypnotherapist valuable feedback that will make the session better and more effective for you.

Can I re-schedule a session?
Yes, you can easily re-schedule or change the details of your session as long as we receive notice of your request 48h before your session.



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