Sunshine Hypnosis corporate-wellbeing programmes

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Sunshine Hypnosis Corporate-Wellbeing Programmes

Prevent a lawsuit. Increase employee productivity. Reduce absenteeism.
As you read this, you could be in the process of being sued through the criminal or civil courts. You are also losing money due to stress-related illnesses affecting your staff. Are you protected?

“If the complainant is successful in his civil action he may be awarded damages of up to £50,000 in the County Court , and damages without limit in the High Court. In the case of Walker v Northumberland County Council, the complainant was awarded £200,000 in damages, subsequently reduced to £175,000 by agreement between the parties.”


Occupational stress is a feature of the current economic climate and most people suffer from it occassionally, and to different degrees. Occupational stress can seriously impair the quality of work life and reduce personal and job effectiveness. In the last few years, an increasing number of UK companies have been sued on the basis of occupational stress..

According to government discussion documents, since the year 1999 it has been stated that "any employers who do not apply “Health and Safety” guidelines on a voluntary basis could be liable to criminal prosecution".


If you are an employer, you could be directly liable for claims against you or those representing you, due to occupational stress and/or depression.

If you are an HR professional, negligence in this area could have a dramatic negative impact in your career, as it is your duty and responsibility to set up these stress-reducing programs.

If your company employs even one person, this regulation applies to you.

Scotsman - Jan 5, 2012: "A record six-figure financial settlement made as the result of an occupational stress case is part of almost £650,000 paid out to members of a teaching union for work-related injuries."

According to government reports, "It may be hard for the employer to evade liability for any subsequent breakdown unless reasonable steps had been taken to reduce the burden on the employee, as in Firman v British Telecom plc, and/or the employer established a stress management program which the employee did not use, as in Petch v HM Customs & Excise”



Sunshine Hypnosis provides affordable, modular Corporate Wellbeing Programs that minimize the legal risk you may be exposed to.

If you can prove that your company had a Wellbeing program in place prior to a court case, you may not be liable for damages of any kind.

Effective. Flexible protection. Before it is too late...

According to your needs and budget, our programs can include include in-person or online education on stress management, personal therapy hours to be used by your employees in strict confidence, and much more...

We work alongside your management or HR team, integrating our services with your company ethos and delivering excellent value for you and your employees.

Whether you need in-house or off-site services, including the delivery of multimedia presentations,  individual or group stress-level assesments...our comprehensive packages and bespoke solutions give you the peace of mind that you need, when you need it.

From one to a thousand employees, our experienced and talented team can help.

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Remember...only a Corporate Wellbeing Program that was in place BEFORE a court case will be a valid resource to prevent or greatly reduce the consequences of a lawsuit.


According to government reports, "depressed employees cost businesses an average of £6000 a year, each."

"The growth in the number of cases involving psychiatric injury and stress-related illness (...) clearly illustrates just how serious such injuries can be and the heavy price that employers will have to pay if they fail in their obligations to protect their staff."


Sunshine Hypnosis Corporate Wellbeing Programs help you to:

Get lawsuit-protected.

>  Improve employee motivation.

>  Minimize lost work-hours

>  Increase productivity

>  Reduce absenteeism

>  Reduce healthcare costs

>  Minimize staff turnover




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